• kota stone price in dehli rough kota stone
    Rough kota stone is available in blue color,it is used in water proofing ,car parking & factory machinery area, Rough kota stone featurers..
    • Size- 2`x2`,2`x3`,2`x4`.....
    • thickness - 18-25mm
    • Price range - 14/- upto 24/-sq.ft.
    • Color - blue
    • Surface - both side natural or Rough
    • Uses - in basement waterproofing
    • Minium quantity -full truck load (5000sq.ft.)
    • Gst - 5% ( hsn code-2515)
  • 2x2 polished kota stone 2x2 polished kota stone
    kota stone semi-polished tiles regular size in market - 22"x22", thickness -18-24mm one suface is polished back sufcae is rough,edges machine cut,this is ready to use material no require edges cutting, Featurer
    • size- 22"x22",23"x23"
    • Thickness- 20-25mm
    • Colour- blue
    • Weight - 6kg/-sq.ft.
    • Minimum order- 5000sq.ft.
  • semi-polished kota stone Semi-polished kota stone 22"x22"
    Semi-polished kota stone is availble in diamond polished and table polished form Size - 22"x22" Thickness - 18-24mm Or 25-32mm Finishing - top surface semi-polished Uses - warehose and railway plateform flooring
  • kota stone flooring price
    Kota stone flooring tiles - 2'x2' thickness 18-24mm semi-polished,it ready to fix no edges cutting require before fix it,one tiles weight-19kg, minimum quantity order- 6000 sq.ft.,gst- 5%,loading- 100/-tone,
  • Semi-polished kota stone is availble in diamond polished and table polished form Semi polished kota stone 23"x23" Featurers
    • Size - 23"x23" Thickness - 18-24mm Or 25-32mm
    • Color- blue
    • Finishing - top surface semi-polished
    • Uses - warehouse and railway Railway plateform flooring
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  • kota stone tiles kota stone

    kota stone

    kota stone 22"x 22" is best size of kota stones it's price is very low than other natural stone or tiles, it is your best choice of low cost flooring stone,it us very hard stone for warehose and railway station platform,this size is most demanded in kota stone market. Features of kota stone 2'x2'
    • Color- blue
    • Size - 22"x22"
    • Measurement- 4 sq.ft.= 1 pcs.
    • Weight - 18kg/-pcs. (thickness-20mm)
    • weight - 22kg/-pcs. (thickness-25-32mm)
    • Uses - outdoor & driveway
    • Stone form - lime stone
    • Available thickness- 20-24mm or 25-32mm
    • Uses- indoor & outdoor flooring,car parking and warehouse etc.